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About us

Greenhope was established in 1975 in a convent that was transformed into a comprehensive residential treatment program for formerly incarcerated women. Over the years, it has developed formal relationships with the criminal justice system and has expanded its work to include services for women on parole and those referred by the courts as an alternative to incarceration (ATI).

Located in East Harlem, Greenhope's commitment to providing quality services to predominantly poor African American and Latina ex-offenders has made it a leader in working with women to address the problems that lead to a life of drugs and crime. It is one of the few woman-centered facilities operating in New York State, which serves both parolees and ATI clients.

Greenhope operates three programs: Residential Treatment, Day Treatment, and Outpatient Services. In addition to its treatment focus, Greenhope is actively involved in local and statewide policy and advocacy efforts that address the specific needs of women in prison. Greenhope serves over 200 women annually.

To date, Greenhope has helped over 4,000 women reclaim their lives, reunite with their families and rebuild their communities.

The Women We Serve

As unemployment, drugs and violence continue to escalate in our communities, Greenhope's clients are experiencing the greatest attack:

  • 100% have histories of substance abuse
  • 60% have no GED or high school diploma
  • 60% report no work history
  • 70% have mental health histories
  • 10% have HIV and/or HepC
  • 71% report a history of physical abuse
  • 70% report a history of sexual abuse

Reuniting Families

Eighty percent of the women served at Greenhope are mothers with two or more children. After years of drug abuse and lengthy stays in prison, many no longer have access to their children. Greenhope provides advocacy services for mothers in the program to assist them in re-unification efforts. Family ties were established with 96% of the mothers in the program.

Rebuilding Communities

In 1978, Greenhope initiated, “Building for Women,” a construction training program that addressed the women's need for employment and housing. Following the success of this project in 1988, Greenhope received a $2.5 million grant from the City to rehabilitate three contiguous buildings near its current facility. Greenhope Houses opened in 1990 with 48 single resident occupancy (SRO) units and 20 two-bedroom apartments for graduates of the program, homeless women and children from the community.

Greenhope proposes the development of a women’s residential substance abuse treatment program for 72 homeless ex-offenders.Twenty-eight will have children residing with them in the program. The estimated ground breaking is Fall of 2004.

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